Filter Equivalent Request

Functionally Equivalent Filters

The following criteria is needed to determine an appropriate replacement filter:

  • Chemical makeup of fluid
  • Size of particles being removed
  • Required filter rating: absolute or nominal
  • Particle load in your stream
  • Any premature fouling issues with your current filter
  • Flow rate and batch size
  • Validation or regulatory compliance requirements
  • Filter configuration: device type and end fittings
  • System and filter sanitization process
Exact Equivalent Filters

In some ways, this is a more straightforward process than identifying a functional equivalent, as the choices are limited. 

By reviewing the product data from your current supplier and providing us with the critical materials of construction and performance characteristics, we will prepare a data package comparing each criteria to ensure equivalence. If there are any differences (material or performance), they are reviewed with you to determine acceptability.

If an acceptable equivalent is identified, CPF will work with you to determine and conduct any testing and verification/validation activities required prior to implementation.

Please fill in the information below on your current filter and we will respond with a Critical Process Filtration alternative.